Search Protein Profiles

Query the CRAPome database for selected protein entries (CRAPome maps all protein entries to the gene level): this will return data on the frequency and spectral count distribution of the selected entry in the database (the entire database, or in a selected subset such as human BioID). Click here to browse all proteins.

Enter a new line, space, tab, or comma-separated list of IDs. Supported entries: H. Sapiens (RefSeq protein ID, Ensembl protein ID, NCBI gene ID, Uniprot entry name, Uniprot entry ID, HGNC gene symbol); S. cerevisiae (SGDID, Ensembl protein ID, RefSeq protein ID, Uniprot ID/Accn), E. coli (Uniprot ID, associated gene name, refSeqGI ). Examples: H. Sapiens (TUBB, Q15208, NP_000537, ENSP00000455394); S. cerevisiae (YER165W,PMG1_YEAST,NP_010510); E. Coli (P0AFG8, ADHE, 16132201). NOTE: Only genes corresponding to proteins in the sequence database used to search MS/MS spectra are in the CRAPome database. Some genes with no supporting information are assigned 0 frequency.